Piano Repairs

Full service repairs and maintenance

Refinish Keytops

Your fingers interact directly with the keyboard. Having clean, uniform, and level keys can have a huge impact on the feel as you play. It can also give your piano an incredible new look!

Replace Key Bushings & Refelt Keyframe

Over time, the bushings that hold the keysticks firmly in place begin to wear out. This can cause the feel to become sluggish and sometimes noisy! The front rail and balance rail bushings can be replaced to greatly improve feel and consistency as you play.

The keyframe that holds the keysticks can also be refelted and keys regulated for proper height and key dip. New felts can greatly improve the touch!

Soundboard Repair

The heart of the piano is the soundboard. While most consumers may not experience the need to repair or rebuild the soundboard, it is important that your technician understands the elements that contribute to good soundboard health.

Piano owners can take care of their soundboard by having the piano tuned regularly to keep the tension on the soundboard and bridges consistent through seasonal humidity changes.

Bridge Repair

The bridges are like the transition of the piano engine, transferring the string vibrations to the soundboard. Over time, bridge pins and maple caps can become worn or damaged. New caps and bridge pins can greatly improve tone and tuning stability.

Repinning & Restringing

Take a look at these photos showing this 1886 Steinway upright receiving an overhaul!

Reguilded Plate

One of the finishing touches of a full rebuild, a reguilded plate restores the original luster to the piano.